We need a specific, detailed example.

  • Yandex API is available for several programming languages ​​- what exactly are you talking about? - Barmaley

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Here is an example of working code for API version 2. For version 1. * as far as I know, there are no circles.

// Создаем круг myCircle = new ymaps.Circle([ // Координаты центра круга [55.76, 37.60], // Радиус круга в метрах 15000 ]); // Добавляем круг на карту myMap.geoObjects.add(myCircle); 
  • But google maps something like that too? - I 'll live
  • yes fot an example / circle transparency map: map, // map center: new google.maps.LatLng (40.714352, -74.005973), // center radius: 300 // radius}; Circle = new google.maps.Circle (populationOptions); - varz62
 var circle = new ymaps.geometry.Circle([X, Y], R); 

Much more detailed: geometry.base.Circle .

Please clarify what you have done yourself and what did not work out.

  • Okay, but why then the code after this line does not plow and the circle is not on the map? - I 'll live
  • And what does the browser write to the error console? - knes
  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Circle' of undefined - I ’m living
  • one
    Package.editor, package.full, package.geoObjects - do you have at least one of these packages installed? If not, install them. The error is caused by the fact that javascript cannot find a geometry object. Most likely, due to the fact that it is not installed. - knes