Hello! It was noticed that the Firefox browser changes the html code, namely it adds the <tbody> when using the table. The question is, should I write it myself or is it a firefox bug? Like firefox adds this tag to every table without exception. I just do not see the need to add it, except to apply styles to several cells, but just the tag itself without attributes ... I think that this issue is of concern not only for me. Though a trifle but still. Thanks for answers!

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    The tbody tag adds not only ff, but all other browsers (at least modern). This tag is required. With a reservation for tables without thead and tfoot, when all rows are one group, while browsers create tbody themselves, maybe to avoid (if someone adds a footer script, you have to change the dom of the whole table).

    NB if you don’t have thead and tfoot in the table, you can’t tbody to write, the browser will build the dom for you right. if there is thead and tfoot, then it is imperative to write tbody. in any case, the dom will be tbody.

      This is all due to the W3 consortium. That they come up with markup standards that all browsers repeat. And the poor HTML guru then puzzles, why do we need tags like tbody, thead and tfoot. After such fabrications, many professionals and at all despair and begin to impose sites in Word'e - he is honest, and creates easily through the "Save as a web page." But this is the subtleties of aerobatics. And newcomers albeit further suffer validity and compliance with standards.

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