How to run a script written in python 2.6 in 7-ke through the console?

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    Any of the following options will do:

    1. In the context menu of the script, select "Open with ..." and in the appeared window select the python interpreter ( python.exe ). In this case, you can associate *.py files with the interpreter.
    2. Open the console and enter something like путь_к_python.exe путь_к_скрипту . If the path to python already in the PATH environment variable, then you can simply python путь_к_скрипту .
    • @eigenein Again, I am stupid questions), but how to add the path to the python in the patch variable? - Timi
    • @Tim - eigenein


    • "C: \ Program Files \ Python36 \ python.exe" "C: \ Server \ repositories \ projects \ python_examples \ first \" - Nikolay Baranenko