Hello. What could be the reason that users cannot create a new item? On the website page there is a form of comments:

<?if($USER->GetID()):?> <form name="comment" action="<?=$APPLICATION->GetCurUri(); ?>" method="POST"> Ваш комментарий:<br/> <textarea rows="3" cols="30" name="comtext"></textarea><br/> <input type="s ubmit" value="Отправить" name="iblock_submit"> </form><br/><br/> <?endif;?> 

Add comments:

 if($_POST["comtext"]): $PROP2 = array(); $PROP2[63] = $arResult["ID"]; $arCommentArray2 = Array( "PROPERTY_VALUES"=> $PROP2, "MODIFIED_BY" => $USER->GetID(), "IBLOCK_ID" => 12, "IBLOCK_SECTION_ID" => false, "NAME" => $arResult["ID"], "ACTIVE" => "Y", "DETAIL_TEXT" => $_POST["comtext"] ); $PRODUCT_ID = $el2->Add($arCommentArray2); endif; 

When comments are added under the admin then everything is fine. Other registered users cannot add a comment, the item is simply not created.

With that there is another feature, it costs me to change the type of access to the information block in the admin panel, and users can add a comment 1 time, after adding again a dead end.

What could be the problem?

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    You do not have the right to write to the information block, this is done in the information block settings, the last tab.