Good day. I just can not figure out how to change the location of the blocks in Drupal. Here, on the site on the right, there are 2 blocks: PICK OF THE WEEK and Archives . I found it in the admin where they can be turned on and off, just in the block section, change their location to none .
But how can they be changed in some places?

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    Follow this path by entering /admin/structure/block .

    There you can drag the desired block higher or lower by mouse if you take up the cross on the left.

    • 404 is given to me at this address: (however, as I said, I can move these blocks to different parts of the site, here’s the path: / admin / build / block and it looks like this: /% D0% 9C% D1% 83% D1% 81% D0% BE% D1% 80 / ... - Denis Masster
    • Alternatively, you can pull out the necessary block through jQuery and insert it where necessary. Like this: $ ('. Block1'). Clone (). InsertAfter ($ ('. Block2')); $ ('. block1'). eq (0) .remove (); In general, the location of the blocks can still be set in the template page.tpl.php for example. In general, it is strange that you can not change the order, is this a version of drupal? - Lucky