There is a block with a fixed height, with content inside. Below is a button that loads more content. At the same time, a scrollbar should appear and the content should scroll (overflow: scroll). On mobile devices, the scrollbar does not appear, but this is understandable why (it would be ugly from the point of view of the UI). Scrolling still works everywhere, with the exception of Android 2 and most likely 3. Apparently this is a bug of the system itself. The question is how to make content scroll. Scrolling works fine in iOS, and on Android 4 everything is ok. Tried to use iscroll.js But something is not working. Does anyone have experience in this matter?

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    CSS overflow:scroll, overflow:auto properties are not supported by stock Webkit browser. Description of the bag hangs on Google - ftykat here . According to reports, observed from 1.5 to 2.3

    PS On the iPhone they say the same thing, which is not surprising since both axes use the same Webkit browser.

    • I will add that on versions up to 2.3 this is solved with the help of javascript'a, with all the resulting brakes. - lampa