Actually the question: I don’t know how to do this myself, and I have no idea what to look for in Google in order to understand how to do this, so I ask you, dear community!

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How to do that it would save the typed circles, and the next set, that it would only after theirs entered into the program?

  • I would be too lazy to go into such a program - Specter
  • the situation is different here), then I’ll have to go, and I’m doing it because of the security measures of the information that the program will carry. - dajver 2:21 pm
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    similar input is associated with captcha, and captcha is associated with negative emotions, besides, that password will be easier remembered by anyone who sees the “path” I enter, which cannot be said about the classic ********* - Specter
  • so asks the customer, I will not contradict him - dajver
  • More options and suggestions will be? Can you even advise what to look for? - dajver

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Once I used to indulge in a non-standard authorization, and there was an example , not quite brought to mind. I'm not sure that this is exactly what you need, and I don’t know how it will work on mobile devices. Although it may come in handy. In the example, you can make changes that are close to your conditions, namely, make the buttons not clickable, but connect, for example, jQuery UI Sortable .

PS And it is natural that you will not work with jsFiddle from the database, therefore you used the "substitute database" - localstorage))

  • ohhh, a good example =) Thank you, I will think what can be done with it. - dajver
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    If with all sorts of drag and drop, you can somehow . In general, for perversions - there is no end of work))) - Deonis
  • A little not those dragging) A wand should follow him as in the picture, which remembers the necessary coordinates, well, in general, yes, work to start and finish (: Thanks for the help !!! - dajver

I can only share this option.

Screen lock

  • hmmm ... thanks, at least something already (: - dajver

javascript 9-dot Pattern Lock - that's what I need, can someone come in handy.