Hello to all! When I was writing a project in python / django, there was a wonderful addition to South , which made it possible to build migration files based on the project model files and database tables.

Now I am involved in creating a project that is written in php / Yii, the database is MySQL. What tools are there for creating either .sql migration files at once, or some intermediate files that the migrator directly applies to the database itself?

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    So in Yii there are migrations - yiic migrate create . See the documentation for more information: Migrations .

    • Thank! This is a good tool, but how to create a sql script based on it now? - nolka
    • And why not like the good old way to export to .sql from phpMyAdmin? - nMike
    • We have a team project, 2 teams working in different countries on the same project. It’s just not possible to take a sql dump and upload it to production:] As far as I know, phpmyadmin doesn’t know how to make sql diff files - nolka

    I recommend dbForge Studio .

    Among other things, it can do a reconciliation of database schemas and, on its basis, generates a script for migration.

    Works under Windows. Requires .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. Free for non-commercial use.