update `t_map_atms` set phone='3e43' WHERE id=37 

To check gave such a simple request.

It turned out:

# 1436 - Thread stack overrun: 8240 bytes used of a 131072 byte stack, and 128000tes by needed. Use 'mysqld --thread_stack = #' to specify a bigger stack.

Googled. I found a way to fix it: in my.cnf, you need to bring one line to the form

  thread_stack = 256K 

I did not find such a file, I found only my.ini. There is no such line, I inserted it myself (for experimentation), but it does not work. What should I do?

  • try to create a file and add the line you need to it - jmu

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No matter how ridiculous it may sound, I found the second my.ini. From what lamp I have two of them, I do not know, but I found and changed the necessary line in it. Everything is now plowing.

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    with a clear conscience, you can accept your answer as true. just specify the path to the config file. can someone come in handy :) - jmu