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The problem is as follows. It is in the browser that the opera, when entering two links, the main div in which all the content of the site is located, drops pixels by 50 vertical. I can not understand what the problem is because the site is fully adapted to PHP and everything is the same everywhere, but it’s on two pages in the attached below site that this problem exists.

references - "Girls" and "Boys".

And if you pay attention, opening one of the above site links through the opera, then using the <ul> menu, it returns to the desired location, but this is before the page reloads.

I can not answer your question. Thank you all for trying to help! I solved the problem on my own! The topic can be closed

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Another font of large inscriptions "girls and boys" under the top tape with the logo is incorrectly displayed in the opera. Maybe it is somehow related to each other.

By the way, the combination of the words Girls, Boys and Services in one place on the tape creates the impression that this is not a photo studio, but something different. In addition, something tells me that it can be solved in the Hindu style by the absolute vertical positioning of this caption through CSS, which is valid only if the user has entered through the opera.

  • Font tried to reduce, alas, the results did not work. Regarding links on the tape, you should not be ironic, so the customer suggested and approved, but my business is small. Stupidly do as he wants. Regarding the Indian style, I would probably accept the proposal and consider it, but unfortunately there is no-one who will not share our considerations :) - oscora

something tells me that this is an overflow at the body tag

  • no .... this is not overflow :( through the specified URL you are watching, and I am experimenting on a duplicate. I tried your version yesterday .. alas ... - oscora