Hello! In joomla 2.5, in general settings, you can enable the SEF suffix (.html), which is displayed at the end of the NC page address. Is it possible to make this suffix visible only on certain pages, for example:

http://мой-домен/категория-статьи/ http://мой-домен/категория-статьи/конкретная-статья.html 

Those. if the link is a category of materials, the suffix .html is not put, but if it is a specific material, heading, etc. - put (just not redirect).

Thank you in advance!

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    No you can not. Setting the URL suffix applies to all pages and cannot be hidden on certain pages. Either turn on - or off. For it is built CMS.

    • NO you can! You need to align the handles, and sit down a bit to rewrite the scripts a couple! - Palmervan
    • H. @Palmervan, in this case, joomla can be written into your CMS ... - jkwe45
    • my hand does not falter to take some codes from Joomla :) - Palmervan
    • On this we conclude - use another / your CMS, or be content with what we have. - jkwe45