Is it possible to somehow send an email from Openserver or Denwer using mail ()?

  • @ HashCode Good. In the future I will consider :) - inferusvv

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You need to put the mail server (for example, sendmail (in Denwer is a stub)), then in the file php.ini set corresponding. settings [mail]

  • and what kind of settings. Can I have more, please? - inferusvv

Have you looked into the OpenServer settings? There, the "Mail" tab, select or store in a local folder, or send via a remote SMTP server. And it is not necessary to put Mail servser. Anyway, the manual in Russian, where everything is described in detail. In addition, there is a forum . And about Denver it's time to forget. Already more than a year watching:

Регистрация требуется в связи с будущим выходом Денвера-4. 

The project stalled, and OpenServer is regularly updated (the last time - August 19, 2012), not so buggy, the settings and features are in good order above.

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    in the in. An openserver is a more interesting thing, but on a unix machine everything is much nicer to configure. - Artem
  • I know it. But I do not need a remote server. I want everything on my computer to be configured - inferusvv
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    @ inferus-vv, if necessary, then proceed in the direction that the ghost rider has suggested to you. - Deonis
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