How to determine the file path relative to the web application. For example, a WEB-INF file stores a config.xml file with database configurations. It is necessary to determine the path config.xml from the servlet. How to do it?

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    I haven’t written servlets for a long time - I forgot already :)

    Enter in the logs of your servlet / JSP line:


    and you will get the path of the context root in the server file system, relative to it already and position your file.

    • probably not exactly what I want. I don't want to get attached to physical directories, I know that there is myClass.class.getRealPath (). How then to climb up the catalogs? ../? - uladzimir
    • Well, if the physical root path is something like ~/myfolder/myserver , then you need to specify /web-inf/config.xml and in a real system it will point to the path ~/myfolder/myserver/web-inf/config.xml , not? - Barmaley
    • Yes, that is right. thanks - uladzimir