How to return multiple values ​​from a function in C #

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    In versions C # c 4 to 6 inclusive, the best options to return from the function (or rather, the method) were the return of the Tuple <> tuple or the creation of a class \ structure with the desired properties. The variant with out-parameters is worse, since a little out of the main paradigms used in the development of C #, and was built rather to support the import of native functions.

    Today (C # 7) a convenient and sufficiently high-quality alternative is to use tuples supported at the syntax level of a language using the value type ValueTuple (True, you need to add the System.ValueTuple library, for example through NuGet).

    return tuple tuple <>

    public Tuple<string, int> GetVasya() { return Tuple.Create("Вася", 16); } 

    class creation

     class Person { public string Name {get;set;} public int Age {get;set;} } ... public Person GetVasya() { return new Person { Name = "Вася", Age = 16 }; } 

    use ValueTuple

     public (string Name, int Age) GetVasya() { return ("Вася", 16); } 
    • Nevertheless, just in C # 7, out-parameters were rebirth due to the out var construction. - Pavel Mayorov
    • @PavelMayorov + deconstructors - Andrew NOP

    In order to return several values ​​from a function, you need to declare the necessary parameters with out modifiers. For example.

      class SomeClass { public int getManyData(out object outData1, out object outData2) { // Код функции outData1 = someValue1; // Необходимо инициализировать выходной параметр outData2 = someValue2; // Необходимо инициализировать выходной параметр return result; } } 

      Return Tuple <>

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