There are several photos of the same object, but from different angles, of different size and quality. It is necessary to programmatically determine the key points on these photos, and without any templates.

  • What do you mean by key points? Result of work of Feature Extractor'ов like SIFT / SURF ? - Costantino Rupert
  • @ Vyacheslav1101, do you give the code? =) - Salivan
  • code is optional. you can just idea or algorithm. - slava_evm pm
  • I ask again - you have a sequence of photos. What do you want to get at the output of the algorithm after applying it to this sequence? - Costantino Rupert
  • You need to get the coordinates of the points that are present on each of these photos. such points for which you can "catch". - slava_evm

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@ Vyacheslav1101

  • Can you recommend an article on the implementation of the SURF algorithm? - kelin

Something tells me that the task can be reduced to finding the eigenvectors of the matrices obtained from the photos. But I'm not sure, unfortunately.