I am looking for a comfortable and free development environment for C ++ for Mac OS X. Tell me, who knows.

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    @cheremushkin Xcode ? - Costantino Rupert
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    @ Kitty, yes, in recent versions they seem to have implemented some support for C ++ (including a new standard), but its support there is, for the most part, "for show" (see Objective-C ++). Of the more advanced ones, the AppCode is from JetBrains. - VioLet pm
  • @VioLet Isn’t AppCode C++ Support AppCode ? (I never used it, so I don’t know :) - Costantino Rupert
  • @ Kitty, I put it wrong - advanced not in terms of supporting C ++ (I do not write it myself, all from the words of my acquaintances), but at least because navigation and refactoring of the code are subjectively more convenient in AppCode - this is what I personally noted I'm after two years in xcode. Well, in general, he stands on the engine IntelliJ Idea, if I am not mistaken - but about him a little bad is heard. Review AppCode . - VioLet 5:57 pm
  • and qt creator does not fit? - KoCaTKo pm

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Qt Creator, naturally. At the moment, this is the best IDE for C ++ for UNIX-shaped platforms. And since it exists for Mac OS X, the answer is obvious.

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      C ++ So much old language and so much C that programs are written in them either in Vim or Emacs.

      But seriously, for now the free cLion is in the piggy bank :)

        1. Netbeans
        2. Eclipse