Hello, how much I program in php, I have never used a framework in this environment. I would like to learn to optimize better use clean code or use the framework. I wanted to ask if there are any differences from the usual code, who can tell, I will be glad to have an adequate answer.
Thanks for attention!

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  • And you can look at the code of any of your projects, where everything is written independently? - Costantino Rupert
  • You throw the script? He doesn’t fit in the comment =)) - Node_pro
  • Here is an example of a calendar that was written a long time ago, it is not very pretty, but even so). At the heart of my projects are in the archives. - Node_pro
  • Well, at least you are filtering the input data. You have every chance to become a good specialist. - Mobyman
  • Thanks, I try) - Node_pro

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Any framework is, first of all, a set of standards that developers know. A serious developer community is gathered around popular frameworks, which means it is easy to connect or replace a person in the team working on a project.

Plus, the community creates a mass of ready-made third-party solutions.

    Almost any framework is designed to speed development, support. The speed of the application does not add, all other things being equal. True, given that many people write sharply non-optimal code, the same actions on the framework work faster and cleaner.

      The framework allows you to not reinvent the wheel, have easy access to the database (DAO), and flexibility. I would advise you to start with Code Igniter (there is a lot of documentation on it in Russian). I would also like to mention the MVC approach in frameworks. It allows you to easily change / add the theme of the site, etc.

      • And if you do not use the framework, I lose a lot? - Node_pro
      • You will lose time and perhaps the pleasure of comfortable programming. You can hammer nails, and you can pliers. Both that and another perfectly copes with the task. But a hammer is nicer and easier ... - Mobyman
      • @Node_pro, when developing more or less large projects, you will lose time inventing a bicycle (your own framework) systematizing large amounts of code. - KiTE
      • four
        "You can hammer nails, and you can ..." - then I thought it would be a pneumogun, but oh well, so that the pliers are pliers)) - nMike
      • @nMike, your analogy, of course, is better. Thanks for the tip :) - Mobyman