There is such a PropertyGrid. An object is placed into it, which is signed according to the properties in this control. Properties that are read-only are displayed in faded color. Sometimes it looks awful with certain cell background colors.

In general, there is one local question: "How can I change the text color of cells that are read-only?" . And a few common ones:

1. How to change the text color of a specific cell?

2. Is it possible to override the rendering function not of the entire control, but only of its element?

ZYZH On different forums ran, found only links to ready-made implementations of PropertyGrid, but they all ask for money and provide only a trial version. For such small needs as "changing the color / design" of a separate cell, it seems to me too.

ZZYZH already starting to think, as if this grid is not replaced by a regular table with two columns =) but something tells me that this is not the best implementation =))

  • See how the color editor looks in the PropertyGrid . Is this enough for you? This is how it is done: - Modus
  • Thanks, this is one of the first pages that I stumbled upon while searching for an answer to the indicated problem in Google. I learned a lot from there - a good FAQ, but there is no description of the problem with filling a certain cell. = (At the moment, I’ve gotten out of the fields that carry some semantic load using the picture ... I’ll continue to switch to WPF, it’s better with visual customization =) - pincher1519
  • @ pincher1519 Definitely better. Moreover, WinForms is no longer rolling - semenvx27
  • I don’t like the window designer in the 2008 studio ... in 2010 the situation is already better, you see 2012 will be chic in general =) In general, the developer interface for me is not the last task. I do not like to write software code in notebooks. - pincher1519