I study Java, I reached the chapter on graphics. Only awt is considered.

  1. Should I read, or go directly to the swing?
  2. Is Swing Better?
  3. What are the best books to learn?

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    The Swing library is built on the basis of the basic components of the AWT library, the AWT is not developed, is not being finalized, at the moment SWING is the main graphic Java library? AWT is used if compatibility with earlier versions of Java is needed (for example, Java 1). Learn SWING!
    UPD books on swing - Herbert Shildt "Java Swing Guide for Beginners", Swing Hacks - in English, + google

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      Add from myself: without AWT knowledge you cannot overcome Swing, for as it is said - Swing is a superstructure over AWT - Barmaley
    • 1). But if you teach by Shildt, is it possible? 2). How much approx. time go to swing? - rberla
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      Shildt writes very well, is accessible and understandable, without tediousness. How much time will be spent on the study, then no one will say, everything is in your hands. - ghost rider
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      AWT is simple, it can be studied in a week. Swing it is almost endless and all-encompassing it can be studied for years and not know :) Well, if we talk about the basic concepts of Swing in a month, you can already get used to its ideology. - Barmaley

    In general, Java FX appeared, where interfaces are being built at a new, higher and more convenient level. I once looked through it, so it seemed to me quite easy! Plus, NetBeans has quite handy tools for visually building interfaces. So go ahead to learn new things!

      Now find a book: “Swing. Beginner's Guide ”(author: Herbert Schildt) on paper close to exploits ... I am looking for myself, therefore I can recommend:“ Swing. Spectacular user interfaces ”(by Ivan Portyankin).