Hello, how many times tried to take up the teachings of MySQL, all without success.

Tell me, what is the best place to start? PS I read the FAQ for beginners, there is no detailed review - I often get confused in the code and simply do not understand where to insert it. Thank you in advance.

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A good start to practice SQL exercises.

On this site I received a certificate base. During the interviews for the position of the SQL developer, the tasks were clicked like nuts. I recommend to everyone!

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Start it makes sense to install MySQL to your computer. Then try and experiment. The most interesting thing is to start solving some real problem, the simplest of the existing ones. For example, create a table for the address book and put all your contacts there, and write a request that displays the phone numbers of all the girls :)

In order not to bother with the installation, you can take ready-made "packages". Under Windows often put Denwer . Under Mac OS X - MAMP . After that, you can execute SQL queries directly via the phpMyAdmin web interface, and execute simple and not very php scripts that access the database.

MySql is a database management system. Control is done through SQL queries. For all subd SQL is the same, but each DBMS adds some of its own capabilities ... From the beginning, familiarize yourself with what databases are for what they are needed ... then learn SQL. And then you can work with the DBMS.

    Start with the basics of SQL.

    I.F. Astakhov, A.P. Tolstobrov, V.M. Melnikov "SQL in examples and tasks". I started with this training course. Then you can read Martin Gruber - Understanding SQL. Start learning with simple queries and tables. Then gradually you will begin to understand how and what.

    Then refer to the documentation MySQL programming language. This is more than enough to solve a specific problem. Watch webinars, read thematic forums.

    UPD: I forgot to write that it would not be bad to know English. Because Query language is very simple and is constructed as a common phrase. Triggers, cycles, branchings - all this will come with experience and reading documentation, forums, articles ... In general, the eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing (n) Russian popular saying.

      MySQL is queries - first put what you will send queries through. For example, I have MysqlYog = and then write them in the query window, it’s better if you buy a book like a kukbook or muscle for 24 hours in 24 hours, spend a few days, train yourself, and then you will see.