Tell me, how can I get a list of all ip addresses on a local network using perl capabilities? Answer, please deployed. The server is based on Ubuntu and user computers are also on Ubuntu.

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    As a simple solution, you can use a script like this:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl # pinger - простой сканер IP-адресов. use strict; use warnings; use v5.10; use Net::Ping; use Net::Netmask; # Если в сети возможны задержки, это значение нужно увеличить, чтобы не было # ложных срабатываний. Общее время работы сканеры тоже увеличится. use constant PING_TIMEOUT => 0.1; # Максимальное количество IP-адресов в подсети use constant MAX_BLOCK_SIZE => 2 ** 16; my $netmask = shift or die "Usage: $0 NETMASK\n"; my $block = Net::Netmask->new2($netmask) or die "$netmask is not a valid netmask"; # Запрещаем блоки слишком больших размеров my $block_size = $block->size; if ($block_size > MAX_BLOCK_SIZE) { die "Too many IP addresses: $block_size, max is " . MAX_BLOCK_SIZE . "\n"; } say "Querying $block_size IP addresses"; my $pinger = Net::Ping->new; for my $ip ($block->enumerate) { if ($pinger->ping($ip, PING_TIMEOUT)) { say "$ip is alive"; } else { say "$ip is dead"; } } $pinger->close; 

    Run like this: ./pinger

    • I did something similar yesterday. But the basis for the ping was the call to the NMap program, as suggested by Cyril. - Amateur

    Use Nmap :: Scanner or submit a broadcast: