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I appeal first to those who know such OS? like Win Vista / Win Vista Service Pack 7, with the AERO effect turned on. What exactly interests - the title of the window is always transparent or translucent, and on it letters are written that are clearly visible. At the same time, around the letters there is such a light flashing, so that the letters are visible regardless of the background outside the window (behind the window. As the window is translucent, the background can interfere with the reading of letters)

What would be better to imagine (pay attention to the inscription - Calculator)

alt text

How to write a css div in which you can wrap the text to get the same effect on the HTML page?

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    box-shadow: 0 0 5px #fff; 

    Apply this style to diva. You can also use text-shadow.

      atnartur, please forward the answer to the text-shadow. Everything came up, thanks! (box-shadow is so-so). Redid it for myself - it turned out black letters on a black background. Not as well seen as I wanted, but nonetheless.

       <table style="background-color:#000000; font-size:62px;"> <tr><td><div style="text-shadow: 0px 0px 24px #FFF;"> kill me... kill me please !!1 </div></td></tr></table>