I can create columns on SQL database (initial level). And now I want to know how I can link the created program with the database? Just stupidly I want to put 2 textboxes, write there and save to the created database, so that when the program is re-enabled, it will output the old data? I searched Google, I did not find it. Probably bad looking. Push me, please, to action.

  • Specify in which DBMS you created the database - MySQL, MSSQL, Access, Oracle, and so on. So that it is something to make a start when answering your question - ghost rider
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    @ navi1893 - (This is not the answer to your question, but rather practical advice) - I would have mastered NHibernate or [ Entity Framework, ] [2] in your place so as not to depend on the database used, and in general, understanding how Any popular ORM-Framework works greatly simplifies the subsequent work with data and DBMS in general. - And yes, for the sake of interest, by what queries did you search Google, trying to find the answer to your question? :) [1]: nhforge.org/Default.aspx [2]: msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/data/ef - Costantino Rupert 6:24 pm

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Well, that's what I found

Connect to a Microsoft Access database


  • and how to connect to SQL ??? @ Murad - navi1893 6:09 pm