Are there pitfalls in using AJAX, Java, JSP together?

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    Definitely, there are the same problems as using Java and JSP without Ajax . And the pitfalls may not be at all , if you correctly write the code. Those. With the understanding of the principles of work, errors occur much less. And of the additional problems and trouble - duck is that in addition to Java , you also need to use JavaScript , which, therefore, should also be studied. But I strongly advise you to use some JavaScript libraries that will remove a lot of pitfalls and facilitate the task. As far as I know, jQuery quite an easy and promising library.
    And more: because AJAX already beginning to be used almost everywhere, even where it is necessary and not necessary, so you can be sure that the developers have tried so that Java-JSP-AJAX-... applications can be made reliable and stable.

    I hope the rather superficial question was answered quite clearly.