How can I make a .deb package or just a program in Ubuntu Linux java programs ( .jar )?

  • For what purpose? .deb, and just a program is a little bit different things - nolka
  • Use written in Java program. - romanzi
  • Apparently, the person thinks that if you manage to do deb, then for this you have to make the jar file a “program”. @Romanzi - one thing I can say - java will have to be dragged with your program or just set depending on the package. - KoVadim

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Despite the commentators' sarcasm, the question has the right to life. From the fact that the package will become executable, it will not cease to require the JVM / JRE, just the jar will be packaged into some lightweight loader, which will be unpacked on the fly into the jar and fed to the input to the JRE. There are similar packers for the Windows environment ( and there are many of them ).

For Ubuntu, I recommend to study the following link , where it is told and shown how to pack the executable JAR into the DEB

  • My question did not contain sarcasm at all, I just wanted to know more details about what it took to do. - nolka

If you only need to run the .jar program, you can do this with the command

java -jar name.jar