I need

  • Internet access,
  • software like php apache mysql,
  • any editors like eclipse and no bens,
  • compilers,
  • java
  • skype
  • the ability to understand linux so that later on, when working with any, there are no problems (in the same console).

In general, something universal is required for the developer and so that it does not heavily load the system. Another question about kde and gnome: I don't know which is better. What advise you to install by your own experience?

Threat On the usual cd if fit, then generally cool.

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  • That's when you start to understand the difference between them from the point of view of the developer, and then you will choose. And now it does not make sense to puzzle over it. - jmu
  • in LAMP stack ubunt is installed by one command in the console:] - nolka
  • Judging by the question, the man in the Linux world is an absolute novice. In this case, we put Ubuntu (or better Xubuntu or Mint, so as not to bathe with Unity, although this is already a matter of taste). - skegg
  • @mikillskegg, and here I use Ubuntu 10.04 (there is Gnome 2). Xubuntu is also like that. - Oleg Arkhipov
  • Sorry for the next resurrection of posts, stumbled upon. I think for anyone who wants to get acquainted with Linux it will be useful to read [Linux. From beginner to professional] [1] The book reads easily, not overloaded with terms, you can master it in a week, but a bunch of stat information. [1]: ozon.ru/context/detail/id/18569398 - zenith

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I will answer on a personal example - since my previous answer was deleted. I, before, did not understand cars - but I wanted her very much. And I asked each taxi driver - which one is better to take. And you know what - all the answers were different, the information I received was equal to 0. Then I studied the engine structures and the machine as a whole and after that, only after reading the characteristics of the machines and examining their schemes - I made a choice for myself. You are doing the same thing as I did with the taxi drivers. The second example is to block 20 linussoids in the room and ask them this question - the Pope will be chosen faster than the Linuxoids will come to a common opinion. Exactly the same question about programming and so on. If you are a programmer really (although I doubt it), then you will understand. And if you don’t understand, ask another question - which language is better ... (here you can even give a list of languages) and you will see what happens.

  • But look, I'm not asking, what kind of Windows should I install? because it is 1 and good, that xp, that 7. But with Linux trouble, they installed a bunch of installers and there isn’t the original version, like in Windows or Mac. Those. Windows 95, and then it went away. With Linux, I cannot understand the chain of these developments. - gjhgfddjhgjhg
  • one
    Are you really studying her schemes before buying a car? O_o - nolka
  • one
    Yes true. Especially if I did not understand them. Secondly, vin95 is by no means the progenitor of wines 7. Thirdly, imagine that Windows is the Nashin auto industry, and Linux is a foreign brand - are there any more questions? - zigzag
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    The best way to find "your" Linux is to try the very different versions. Fortunately, this is not a car that costs from $ 10,000. I downloaded, installed, worked. Did not like - demolished. - skegg
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    Well, I already wrote: for absolute beginner, the best thing is ubuntu. Master the basics and forward through the waves. By the way, the convenience of clicking on the windows is not such an insignificant thing. - skegg

Put Ubuntu and do not worry, everything you need will be found on the Internet and a good enough ubuntu community in Russia will help solve all kinds of problems.

PS Yes, and Steam from Valve will also be first on ubuntu)

    Ubuntu linux is very user friendly, and everything that you have listed in it is either there or is very easy to install from apt repositories. Distributed on a CD, but there are also DVD versions. For starters, you can simply install Ubuntu with the Unity environment, if you don’t like it, you can easily change it to kde, or gnome.

    ps: // I use ubuntu wherever possible

    • And how does CentOs differ from ubuntu? - Artem
    • I do not know, at least - the name:]] CentOS seems to be based on fedora linux, while ubuntu is On debian linux. At one time I had to face Fedor, and somehow she did not inspire me. Ubunt easier and more convenient IMHO:] - nolka
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      CentOS is a reassembled RedHat with its own repositories (of course, except for the closed components of the latter). Popular on servers, because it sometimes uses old, but proven and stable software versions. I do not recommend it for installation on a home computer. If you need to work with rpm-based distributions, Fedora is better. - skegg
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      I have a negative impression about the rpm-based systems, alas: ( - nolka
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      Fedor is also not very good to me ... But the rpm system itself seems to me more convenient and more logical than dpkg. IMHO - skegg

    If you need a system that is sharpened for development, then I can advise ArchLinux - the reason is that it has one of the latest versions of packages in a stable branch. Another feature of the packages (specifically, libraries) is that the package contains its -dev part, which usually has to be installed separately in ubuntu / debian. If you are too lazy to put ArchLinux - put Manjaro - the same arch, but already tuned with DE.

    • Lel Necroposting - handicraftsman
    • Yes, and questions like this for more than a year as an offtopic. This one was somehow missed) - Nick Volynkin
    • It is better not to have the latest versions of packages, and then later on the same old debian can take and not start up - andreymal