I have Hadoop located in /export/hadoop-1.0.1 , and the program I run is /export/hadoop-1.0.1/src/c++/hadoopc++/src/hadoopc++.cpp . Then according to

- what will the commands for copying a binary file ( /export/hadoop-1.0.1/src/c++/parindex ) to HDFS look like (the question also arises whether to copy the program input files there as well) and launch the binary? On the root @ one command: /export/hadoop-1.0.1/src/c++:#hadoop fs -mkdir bin gives an error
bash: hadoop: command not found (can't even create a folder for further copying)

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    The folder has /export/hadoop-1.0.1/bin has the hadoop script and all commands are executed through it, for example, ./hadoop fs -mkdir bin.

    • Add in PATH export / hadoop-1.0.1 / bin and do not suffer. - avp