Now there are different solutions for different platforms, but different solutions use different engines, which means the program will be displayed differently. Is there a universal solution for the following platforms:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS,
  3. Linux,
  4. Android,
  5. iOS,
  6. Windows Phone?
  • one
    how confusing it is ... ... the answer to the question is the theme of the question "Cross platform code"))) - Vitalii Maslianok
  • where confused? I need a program that converts .html to .exe, .deb, .apk, etc. roughly speaking - kandi
  • There's no such thing. There are programs that emulate the native window application, but do not translate into it. All this uses the engine as in the browser. - Anton Mukhin
  • "There are programs that emulate the native window application" I need them "uses the engine as in a browser." Like which browser - kandi

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Here is one of these prog. Regarding which engine, most likely -webkit-, but this is not a fact. You can dig into the internet and find out :)

Maybe PhoneGap

    You can also use RAD Studio 10 Seattle

    This is the same Delphi and Borland C ++