A question that I cannot answer, often when I make a new site, I enter into a stupor, when I need to make a conclusion of the list of products and its detailed page: how should I call the detailed page file detail.php or deteil.php?

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    Details - details, says google translator. Hence, detail.

    • I agree, there is logic in your words, but this is exactly what confuses me, I will give an example - type in the word Bitrix and detail.php in Yandex and there are a lot of code examples, even from their documentation - that's what scares me, or is it a global conspiracy , or typo and everyone began to repeat it. - oldzas
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      There really is a dictionary for these cases. The fact that someone wrote deteil shows only his ignorance. As "they", however. ;-) - orkaan

    detail.php definitely.

      You can even call product.php , which will more accurately reflect the essence.

      • the product is incomprehensible in what format - whether full or short - oldzas
      • Or page.php - atnartur
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        A full or short description of the product (product) is on the open page, should not be determined by the name, but, for example, rights or user preferences. It seems to me that the user himself can "expand" product information on the product.php page. But detail.php in the context of the site (products) generally leads to nothing. - orkaan

      product_card, pcard, prod_card, detail, prod_detail , ... continue next? =)