Firefox allows you to take elements of the table into focus while holding down the Ctrl key. In this case, the elements that are in focus are highlighted with a blue frame. Tell me, please, how to remove it? Option with outline: none does not work.

  • Sergo thanks, but not quite as desired. If you set the table property -moz-user-select: none or -moz-none, it will work, but in this case it’s impossible to select text, ideally the text property should have approached, but it returns everything as it was ... Although this is probably there is no focus, but just the selection of an element of the table, since it does not cause an onfocus event ... - Jeremen1
  • * :: - moz-focus-inner {border: 0; } Your medicine did not help! I do not understand who is answering such answers ... - Jeremen1
  • see for yourself - Jeremen1
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    Possible duplicate question: Css . How to remove the dotted box around the button? - Vadizar
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    @Vadizar it is obvious that this question was asked earlier and that the answers are the same. Why do you mark it with a duplicate to a new question? - Nick Volynkin

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UPD: This is a valid firefox feature. So it shows the selected nodes (not text). If you want to leave the possibility of selecting text nodes, then you can't do without js. I updated your feedl , added a simple script for firefox (not tested on older versions!). I hope the essence is clear and you will be able to adapt the script for your implementation.

OLD: The medicine is:

 *::-moz-focus-inner { border: 0; } 
  • Sorry, I will add comments not to my posts. The decision is not quite right, but it fits, thanks. - Jeremen1

Try -moz-user-select .

Perhaps this is just a feature of FF and it is not removed.

    This problem may occur on input'ah. At the same time, blocks may also have an extra indent. Therefore, it will be safer to write this:

     // Remove border and padding in Firefox ::-moz-focus-outer, ::-moz-focus-inner { border: 0; padding: 0; }