Hello, I recently began to study Ruby on Rails and this question arose:

How is the recruitment to the place of Juniors (and whether there is a demand for them, I mean in Ukraine). I would like to try my hand at Rails development, but I don’t know where to start and what to prepare for at the interview. Already read a lot, that everywhere need experience - but how to get it. What questions to expect at the interview, if they take it - it will be possible to count on help - I just would like to learn from the beginning and gain experience (I am even ready to work for food - but that would be taught)

And if there are people who have recently done something similar, describe how it happens.

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Write your blog, maybe a forum. Bring the result to the ideal. This experience is quite enough to get a junior.

    In my understanding Junior is a laborer. The main thing is that he understands the syntax of the language, masters the basic techniques, knows how to communicate with VCS a little, make coffee, keep up a conversation in the smoking room on topics about football, women and cars :)

    But seriously, as an employer, I always wanted to see from Junior (in descending order of priority):

    1. Ability and desire to plow from morning to evening
    2. Good knowledge of the language and development tools
    3. Understanding Basic Patterns

    I have never been interested in junior attempts in architecture, design, and so on. - it always looks funny and stupid.

      How to get experience? very simple. Take the task (can be found on the websites of freelancers idea). Doing, posting on github.com . At the same time, you are looking for various projects on it, downloading yourself, watching, studying, correcting errors, doing a pull-request. For half a year, you can create a good portfolio and experience to get. Distributing resume - add a link to your profile.

        I came to the company to place a Ruby On Rails developer'a never even tried ruby. Day 2-3 stumbled - created a small project and asked for a normal puzzle. So it happened))) I want to say that as soon as you are more or less aware that there is Rails you immediately want to understand what Ruby is ... Sorry, maybe for offtopic, but there are no criteria - it all depends on which company and what a developer you are.