I look at the code on my site, looking for something like this: width="308" height="279" , but this is probably there, not in sight. I tried to look in the code differently: 274*63 - but nothing like that in the code either. How does WordPress have an image size in the admin panel?

  • People agree in html everything is much easier !!!! - Arsenty Suvorov
  • Well this is the size of this image logo-login.png in WordPredss - Arsenty Suvorov
  • All this is spelled out in styles - atnartur
  • Css styles? Which file? - Arsentiy Suvorov
  • Specify: what image size? - inserted into the post in the list of media files? - Sergiks

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Thumbnail sizes are set in Settings → Media. But the theme can use something of its own.