Hello! In carrying out the RGZ at the rate of Microprocessor-technology, it encountered the problem of sound output. The PC has a system speaker (squeaks when a hardware error) whose port is 61, and everything works there, but I was interested in the audio output process on the laptop. With this port, if you work, then the sound does not go. What is the number of the output port on the speakers in modern laptops? Thank.

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  • Under Windows 7 32-bit - Leshij_2005
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    Without drivers and ring0 figs you get access to the ports =) - Alexey Sonkin
  • When, finally, will burn in hell the one who invented this disgusting squeaker? : D - cy6erGn0m 2:49 pm
  • In general, laptops are different. I, for example, have no tweeter in the laptop, so when someone wants to utter a sound (even a bios), he uses a sound card and squeaks through it. So everything is not as simple as it was before. But in general it is true: the port is the same everywhere. - cy6erGn0m

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Everywhere one and the same port.