For example, there are two pages, with almost the same content, one continuation of the second.

If the first title, for example: "Outstanding racer of all times and people of Ken Block", then how to make the second page title "Page 2 | Outstanding racer of all times and people of Ken Block"

Can I make one title to these pages?

  • Where do you create a site ?? On WordpRess? - Iwww
  • Maybe I did not understand the essence of the question, I have a question for you? What prevents you from doing so? Is your site written in php, javascript? Or pure html? - Node_pro
  • one
    No, just there will be pages. - Zow 2:41 pm
  • javascript, node, html. I don’t have anything to do with it, but it seems like someone said that there should be different titles on all pages - Zow
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    I think this is not a big loss, to use as you wrote, otherwise call or rephrase, can confuse the user, because they might think that he got on another article - Node_pro

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This is an optimization from search engines, if you use html or javascript, as it is much more convenient for me to manually, for each page to make your title. As for searches, the search goes first by title, and then by content =)