Hello! People tell me, please, who have any thoughts on creating your own jabber web client. There is a need to create a jabber web client, searches in Google are reduced to the same open source web clients (as a rule, they are all crooked), and there were almost instructions for creating your own web client, but this is not what what do you need. Your opinion and experience is interesting, maybe someone has already encountered such a problem, someone who knows the useful resources, I will be very grateful.

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    A year ago, I finished the web chat support. Components:

    There are examples in the source code of Strophe.js

    • I used a ready-made web client [Jappix] [1], while the flight seems to be normal, the only thing I can not understand is why my groups in the contact list are not all collapsed, there was a moment, the admins renamed the name of all groups to Latin, after that some groups began to collapse and turn around normally, and some have a weirdness when I click on a group to collapse / expand, then another group collapses / unfolds. [1]: jappix.org - Artyomich

    XMPP and then on the thumbnail find the ready-made libraries for the selected language and sawing sawing sawing =)