I try to connect eauth (authorization through social networks) and get:

You must have either https wrappers or curl enabled. 

P.S. php_curl.dll and php_openssl.dll in php.ini uncommented.

Exception code:

 if(!function_exists('curl_init') && !in_array('https', stream_get_wrappers())) { throw new ErrorException('You must have either https wrappers or curl enabled.'); ... 

Does not work on localhost. Filled on the server - everything is OK.

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    In the idea of ​​this in the settings file


    should be enough for the eyes and ears. + restart apache.

    ps. Well, you uncommented these lines, but do you have a Dll in the extensions folder?

    • @Shrek, yes checked. everything is. maybe something else needs to be done? - Ray
    • Throw off phpinfo (); may not connect - Artem
    • @Shrek, definitely. The entire page does not have the word curl. ps how to throw? all? - Ray