I never had a bad job, but here came the task - when loading the homepage, the popup should appear (two divas: background + window itself, inside the picture) I did the popup, set it up with the zhkvery.

Now the task itself - in what way is it best to screw this thing into the admin panel of the boomber - so that I can turn on / off this popup from time to time, and can replace the image in it. By and large, I just need to somehow implement the on / off output of a couple of lines of code with the view?


Joomla 1.5.7

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    Your pop-up needs to be implemented as a joomla extension. Better to use ready-made extensions on JED . I don’t remember the specific extension - it’s been called long ago ...

    • Thanks for your answer, I will look for something ready - psht
    • Yes, the finished module did an excellent job with this! Thank! - psht