How to set up an online TV broadcast for a site from channel 2x2?

Here is the source code:

<div style=" display:block; width:683px; height:400px; " id="player" > </div><script> var fl = flowplayer( "player", {src: ";, wmode: "opaque"},{plugins: {rtmp: {url: ";, netConnectionUrl: "rtmp://", durationFunc: "getStreamLength", }}, clip: {provider: "rtmp", scaling: "fit", autoPlay: "true", }, playlist: [{url: "/stream/vlc45.ts", }], key: "#$ed0988d801182c22a8f" , autoPlay: false, canvas: { backgroundColor: "#000000", backgroundGradient: "none", } }); </script> 

And here is the link to the stream: /stream/vlc45.ts

In general, it turns out to start only the player itself and the broadcast does not go at all ... That is, it turns out that the link of the broadcast is either incomplete, or something else ... Perhaps you need to add it somehow to make it work?

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