Hello. Interested in these 2 technologies. Which one to choose to study to create interfaces? Interested in: is there a future in these technologies? What more features?

What are the strengths of ExtJS that jQuery lacks? What are the advantages of ExtJS over jQuery? How are these technologies in demand now?

Thanks to all!

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    > Do not ask questions, polls, where each answer is correct, the forum is not a suitable place for statistical research and such topics have no real value. - What questions should not be asked? - Specter
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    @Spectre, TC is interested in precisely the specific differences between libraries, and does not ask who likes what more. - Nofate
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They solve different problems. Jquery UI is needed for users to make everything beautiful and comfortable. ExtJS is a heavy framework; it is often used to create an interface for the work of managers, etc.

They are from different planes, learn everything. Jquery is not so heavy, learn fast. And then learn Extjs, here it is difficult.

Generally decide - for what purpose do you need it? You can also hammer a nail with a tank :)

  • Read the description of them, and understand the difference. They both know how to do things that the other cannot. - forum3

ExtJS is not free for commercial use, so look better towards jQuery UI.

ExtJS is much better suited for presenting tabular data. In general, ExtJS is quite heavy and is very rarely used on the frontend - it is usually used for backend, that is, the admin panel.

There is also a MochaUI framework which is completely free http://pat.cullen.co.za/project/WindowPicker/Demo/

    I like qooxdoo , demos