When writing something to input in firefox and then deleting this content, the backspace th, and if you press backspace once more than the number of characters in input , the cursor jumps to the end, in other browsers there is no such bug. I know that a trifle, but it annoys me ... Maybe someone knows how to deal with such a bug?

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    This is most likely you have such a bug. Tested in Firefox 14.0.1 - everything works fine. It is true that an input is not tested with a type attribute, but I don’t think it's about

    • Now someone else will ask to test. maybe I have a bug ... yes, a friend has FF 14, he also has no such bug. So this is something that is wrong with me or with FF 15.1. - Jeremen1
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      I have 15.0.1, such a bug is present. - iproger