I want to order a widescreen monitor with a diagonal of 29 inches, every day a small window of a text editor in IDE annoys me more and more. Has anyone had a similar experience? What are the pitfalls? How to choose the right monitor so that you can look at it on duty?

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    - IMHO, two identical monitors 24" or a bunch of 24" + 19" preferable, since the habit to divide work contexts between monitors is developed immediately and it is easier to switch between them than on one monitor. - That is, say, you are really something that is in the browser - turned his head to the left, you want to return to the development - turned his head to the right. In my opinion, a good acquired reflex :) - Speaking from a technical point of view, the IPS matrix is ​​a mast and everything else can be chosen according to your taste and color. - Costantino Rupert
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    When you look down on the image on the screen, it turns out that the eyes are slightly covered with the upper eyelids. Tear film less evaporates. And the less it evaporates, the less the risk of redness of the eyes, cutting in the eyes, "sand" in the eyes ... - evlanoff
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    Cactus on the table. It works - info 100%. - Costantino Rupert
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    > Cactus on the table. It works - info 100%. Lies. Without a foil cap, cactus does not work! - Ilya Pirogov
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    You can still nylon stockings on the screen to tighten, well dampens bursts of radiation. It is said to be compatible with all models of cacti. - Nofate

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I have 2 monitors by 22 ". Very comfortable, more than enough space. In Visual Studio, I push the window into 2 monitors, I split the workspaces. It’s not convenient in that I sometimes have to look from one area to another, but this not a big deal compared to real comfort. I wouldn’t advise you on a 29 "large monitor, because the screen resolution will also remain 1920x1080 (unless it is of course special), and first of all the number of points is important for me , not a" healthy "monitor . Plus, you can set up debug multimonitor applications (if such a need exists). In addition, at a price of 2 monitors at 22 "will be comparable, and if you already have a monitor, the benefit is obvious. I only know that 29" are needed by designers who constantly look at the little things. Plus, I bought a new monitor with IPS, an old one with TN-Film - almost no difference. Everything can be purely individual, but I did it and have no regrets.

  • At the very two monitors 24 + 19. True 19 is connected in parallel to the Mac (unfortunately, sometimes you have to work a little on it). Very comfortable with two. Previously, he huddled on 29 - not convenient, there is not enough capture by the eyes and the windows constantly had to be customized. - KoVadim

Now I work on 17 "laptops, I expose very large fonts in IDE so that my eyes are less tired, and at this resolution this diagonal is not enough - I have to drag a lot of things on the screen right away (IDE, browser, etc.). I tried to work on 27 "with the same large fonts - ideal and not as loaded as two monitors set side by side (cover all side vision). I think go to 27 "

  • but don't sit by chance for a meter and a half from the monitor? :) - KoVadim
  • No) But 27 "of course, pushed it somewhere about a meter from the head. Very convenient - AlexThumb
  • I would not have enough pixels to work with. - semenvx27