The next problem: under any conditions, django displays a welcome page (run from the runserver). At first I thought the problem was that I didn’t correctly set , but when I didn’t find anything there I decided to check if everything was alright: as it turned out not. For the test, I divided it to 0 directly in or turned off the DEBUG parameter so that the page disappeared - it does not help. Re-installed the trunk. Also.

In general, the ideas ran out, I do not know what to do. Previously, everything worked on the same machine, and I wrote django applications normally, then I happened to have no idea.

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    To eliminate the pololan library factor - make a clean environment ( virtualenv --no-site-packages ), install a stable version of Django ( ./bin/pip install Django ) there and check the project for operability. - drdaeman

1 answer 1 :

 # -*- coding:u8 -*- from django.conf.urls import patterns, include, url from django.shortcuts import render_to_response urlpatterns = patterns('', # Examples: url(r'^$', lambda x:render_to_response('index.html')), ) 

in :

 # путь до папки с шабломани TEMPLATE_DIRS = ('/home/alexandr/domains/bigdata/templates',) 

and put the index.html file in the template folder

 <h1>hello world!</h1> 

start the server and rejoice))
if you are not happy, then see what mistakes Django will tell you ..
The Django start page is displayed only if no url pattern is defined in the file .

PS: for lambda x: .. do not kick) laziness is a lot of code for copy-paste
PPS: for decency, it would not be bad to show and, we are not psychics