Good day to all!

My task is to create a social network (all the main features), after creating a small functionality, I had a problem with the implementation of the user's personal gallery, and the problem is that I don’t know where to start and where to say “ropes”: D Tell me, what could be the solution? How to do better? The customer requires something like a contact gallery.

Thank you in advance!

PS I work on the framework Kohana 3.2

  • and I also advise you to use the framework - CodeIgniter. If you are a beginner, then it will be much easier for you! There are no such packages with OOP. - Epexa
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    I considered CodeIgniter, but still I like Kohana more, and I got used to it) - cho0pa

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  1. Connect javascript library for images - Highslide .
  2. Output as in the examples of this library image using php.

Suppose you have a table in the database - images. For each entry there is a user_id - a condition under which you display images. In this table you have links to images.

  • and using this plugin I can open photos by the link, example: , where <photo> is the photo id? - cho0pa
  • The plugin has methods, or you can make a function separately. - Epexa