I have a forum on IPB, I want to buy an additional "Executive" skin for it. Here you can see this skin at work: http://www.finalprestige.net/skinning/? At the bottom left, select the Change Theme and select Executive 2. But the problem is that in Opere, when scrolling down the page, layout is slow. It is observed on different computers. In chrome and FF everything is fine. And with it only on this skin. Now here in doubts to put or not. Tell me because of what happens in the opera? Because of some specific elements of HTML, JS, or because of the overall page load?

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    I would not initially advise you to take this template, because He is still clearly at the stage of alpha testing. At least the very layout (style) leaves much to be desired. - Realetive__
  • And where does the information come from that at the stage of alpha testing? - tolik777
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    Layout slows down because a lot of shadows and other effects are used. - atnartur
  • Indeed, just an overloaded template :! [] ( I.imgur.com/KvsGM.png ) - Costantino Rupert