There is a screen layout that contains the top, middle (ListView there are several elements of EditView) and bottom. The huge problem is that when you click on EditView, the keyboard brings up RelativeLayout with all its contents ...

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    You need to register in AndroidManifest.xml to activate, where your EditText is such a line: android: windowSoftInputMode = "adjustPan". The keyboard will be on top of the markup.

      By default, if there is a scrolling element in the layout ( ListView for example), the layout should be resized when opening the IME. If not, “climb”, crawl up, making part of the layout invisible.

      It is android:windowSoftInputMode attribute in the manifest: android:windowSoftInputMode . Look at the options on the link, in my opinion, the most suitable - just resize. However, since it does not automatically work for you, despite the presence of foliage, set up clearly:

       <activity ... android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize"> ... </activity> 

        If the height of the layout is declared as match_parent then the match_parent should climb over

        In more detail: if the hierarchy of the layouts is: LinearLayout->ListView then the height of LinearLayout and ListView must be declared as match_parent