Good day. There was a problem before me. I asked it myself, and decide for myself. You need to transfer variables from one handler to another, using the GET method. At the same time, I know that variables are defined in the link. Ie And I define the link variable. How then to transfer a variable with a link to another script ???. There remains a small step, which is not given to me yet. Hope to help))

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    for transfer - base64 + json to help. If you want to get an answer to your question, please expand the meaning of this - "how then to transfer the variable with a link" - Zowie
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    > variables are defined in the link> ...> I define the variable reference. Are you talking about a get request? Please reformulate the question, but nothing is clear. =) - ling
  • Apparently, the vehicle needs: $ url = "".urlencode("… ; - Ilya Pirogov September

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If the first script does not display anything, then create a link and redirect:

$data = array(); $data['code'] = 1; $data['name'] = 'абвгд'; $url = '' . http_build_query($data); header('Location: ' . $url);