Hello dear coders.

I indicate in advance that I am writing a program for Windows Forms on .NET 2.0 C #
I have a TextBox in which I enter a number (maybe as a whole - Integer , or with a floating point - Float ) and I have a method that checks the input for correctness. So, when I enter a dot ( . ) Into my TextBox , my method automatically changes it to someone ( , ), and the input carriage moves to the beginning of the input field. It is very uncomfortable. I need the carriage to remain in its place, that is, at the end, well, or somehow programmatically rearrange it there. I rummaged through many sites, but I didn’t find what I needed.

If anyone knows how to implement this, please help.
Thank you in advance!

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    Put the caret at the end of the line:

    textbox.SelectionStart = textbox.Text.Length; 
    • Everything worked, thank you very much) - MikroFF