For the convenience of the user, I'm trying to insert into the Grid CalendarEdit .
While thinking about 2 options:

  1. Make it so that all lines would have CalendarEdit .
    Problem : I create a column of the required format :

     TDateColumn = class(TColumn) protected function CreateCellControl: TStyledControl; override; end; function TDateColumn.CreateCellControl: TStyledControl; begin Result := TDateCell.Create(grid); Result.Parent := grid; end; 

    I add it to the Grid :

     procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); var cec: TDateColumn; begin cec:=TDateColumn.Create(grid1); grid1.AddObject(cec); end; 

    everything shows ok. But when linked with liveBindings :


    the component disappears, and a plain text string appears. I found out that during liveBindings in TLinkGridToDataSourceColumns the type of the column is once again indicated and there it stands as Default, I don’t understand how to add / create the type of column I need.

  2. To do so, when clicking on a cell on top of it, the control was drawn, and when clicked, it would disappear to another location and the value would fall into the Grid .
    Problem : I did not find how to determine the coordinates and dimensions of a specific cell to draw on top of it.

  • IMHO if you decide to use Firemonkey, then you need to cut the first method, the second is already crutches from hopelessness. I would like to see how to implement the first option to find out what the problem is. - Timenzzo
  • I did not resolve this issue and it is still relevant and interests me greatly. The problem is that TLinkGridToDataSourceColumns and its ColumnStyle property overwrites any format of the Grid column. And there are only 4 types of columns - string, bitmap, checkbox, progress bar. How to add to other controls in the information column on the Internet is not ... - Alez
  • As for the second option, it does NOT work out for the same reason. After the Liveclick procedure OnClick is overwritten by this component of TLinkGridToDataSourceColumns. - Alez pm
  • I mean, I would like to see the project, and you cannot say right away that there are a lot of nuances. - Timenzzo
  • Edited post - Alez