When entering the domain, the user types a login and password. When you open the browser, the user types the login and password for the proxy. When entering the corporate site, the user must again type the same username and password.

I want to make life easier for the user and authorize automatically on the site, but the site turns out about the browser should get some identification data ..

Or, once the user has logged on to the proxy, then when the http request passes through the proxy to this corporate site, the proxy adds the username of the user to trust in the headers. But in this case, the left person can also add such a title by himself.

Independently and could not understand how this is done. The solution to this issue on the Internet has not found.

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    In my opinion, excellent and freshly described here http://www.mikesdotnetting.com/article/216/windows-authentication-with-asp-net-web-pages

    Provided that you have an asp.net site)

      I have a black belt in Google)))


      I have not tried it myself.

      • A little bit wrong. I have no problems with authorization in AD - everything works fine. I just want to do an automatic login. Those. so that the user does not need to enter a login and password, so that he automatically takes it from his computer. For example, in SharePoint - there, even when you first log in, the user does not need to enter a password if the server settings specify user authorization from the domain. - MuFF