On the course you need to take the implementation of the client application to work with the cloud service. Who can tell which API of them can be easily used in PHP or C / C ++? So that you can find examples, documentation, etc. So far I am more inclined towards PHP and the implementation of the window application through Devel Studio. I want to be able to sit down and write a week before the session))

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    WebDAV as an option. Normal HTTP and some additional verbs, headings and statuses. A simple client, as for me, is quite trivial. (The server is more complicated because of the different types of customer zoo behavior.) Actually, what is there to do, any adequate library for working with HTTP is already almost ready WebDAV-client. Is it possible to draw some kind of wrapper adapter, in order to add more similarity with the work with the “traditional” file system?

    In the cloud-shmoblak, this is Yandex.Disk and ownCloud.

      In the bourgeois Internet, the Twitter API is traditionally sawed when they want to show a quick / simple example of developing a client for the cloud.

      • @sergiks, teacher's understanding of the cloud - Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Yandex.Disk, etc. Those. Cloud Storage - Ray
      • Then the cloud cloud from the clouds is Amazon, and their S3, to which there is an SDK including. for PHP - Sergiks